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The Perio Link Night in Amsterdam

The SUNSTAR Foundation celebrated The Perio Link Night on June 22nd in Amsterdam, in parallel to the EuroPerio9 congress, to focus on how oral health affects the whole body.

Poor oral health is reported to affect the performance of elite athletes and, this collective is, at the same time, more likely to develop oral health problems due to higher sugar intake and intensive training, among others. Therefore, oral health can be seen as the Achille’s heel of elite athletes. Regarding this relationship, The SUNSTAR Foundation, dedicated to promoting better oral health among the population to improve their general well-being, celebrated the first edition of ‘The Perio Link Night’, an event that focussed on how oral health affects the whole body in general, and the elite athletes’ performance in particular. 

This event was held on 22nd June, from 18.30 to 22.00 at the A’Dam Tower in Amsterdam.  The Perio Link Night started with a discussion lead by a panel of experts in health care and sport and followed by the speech of Paul Boom, Chief Dental Officer, Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.  After that, prof. Robert J. Genco, Distinguished Professor of Oral Biology, Periodontics and Microbiology, presented the World Perio Research Award ceremony, recognising the best papers about periodontal disease as well as the first Perio Link Award. Then, the night ended with a networking cocktail dinner.  

The board of experts that were at ‘The Perio Link Night’ are: Ian Needlman, Professor of Periodontology & Evidence-Informed Healthcare, UCL Eastman Dental Institute - Lead, Centre for Oral Health and Performance, at University College London (UCL) ; Dr Mike Loosemore MBE, Head of Sport and Exercise Medicine at CHHP, Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine within the NHS, at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, University College London, Official team member of the Medical team for the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, World and European Championships; and Dr Stephane Perez, Specialist in Sports Dentistry, Member of Medical Commission of French National Olympic Committee, Team Dentist of French Tennis Federation and Basket-Ball League.

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