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Products Ingredients and Compositions

Our products are vegetarian-friendly (with the exception of GUM ORTHO Mouthwash, which contains fluoride of animal origin), but they are not vegan-accredited.
GUM products might contain traces of animal origin. For example: certain raw materials of herbal and/or animal origins (at a parts-per-million level) are used to process plastics and polymers that are used in the production of toothbrushes.

All GUM products, with the exception of GUM ORTHO Toothpaste and MouthwashGUM Original White MouthwashGUM HaliControl Mouthwash and the GUM PAROEX 0,12 range, are free of parabens. 

None of our GUM cosmetic products contain lactose or other dairy products, nor they are processed in the production processes.

 Therefore, there is no probability of contamination.


None of our GUM products have alcohol in their fomulation. This is particularly true for our mouthwashes, as they are meant to be gentle on gums and teeth.

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