About Us

GUM® is owned by SUNSTAR, a leading Japanese company operating in the business sectors of oral care, health and beauty, safety, and environment. SUNSTAR strives to provide products and services that help people everywhere achieve better health and a better quality of life.

The GUM story begins in 1923, when Dr John O. Butler, a periodontist from Chicago, introduced an innovative new toothbrush that was specially designed to improve oral hygiene. As people began to realise that oral health was important for their overall wellbeing, Dr Butler was able to build up a thriving business. He adhered to a basic philosophy of research and development in preventive dentistry. His strength lied in his integrity, innovation, and quality.

SUNSTAR, a leading Japanese manufacturer of health-related products, took ownership of the John O. Butler Company and the GUM® brand in 1988, and used its experience in production, research, and development to further grow the company.

SUNSTAR believes that the state of our oral health has a deep connection to the health of the whole body. We have pioneered this idea and continue to champion it in partnership with dental and medical specialists throughout the world. Recent research has highlighted probable links between oral hygiene and serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and complications during pregnancy.

GUM continues to leverage the latest research and technology to help dental professionals and pharmacists offer patients the best possible oral care, and deliver on SUNSTAR'S promise of better health and better lives.

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