Stay on top of the latest evidence on oral care, compliance and the connection between oral and systemic health with related scientific literature.​
Benefit from peer-reviewed publications and evidence-based summaries of the latest published literature. Keep up to date with engaging training material and discover upcoming training sessions. ​

Visit this section if you want to discover:​

  • Scientific Literature: latest publications on oral care​
  • Dental Continuing Education: virtual trainings and webinars on oral care key topics ​
  • The Connection between Gums' Health and General Health (Perio Link): evidence on the relation of periodontal and gingival disease and other systemic conditions​.

Scientific Literature

Stay up to date with the latest developments in the fields of oral health and oral care, with a focus on interdental cleaning and the link between oral and systemic health. ​

Here you can : ​

  • Download whitepapers, literature summaries and a selection of peer-reviewed clinical publications​
  • Review treatment guidelines


Dental Continuing Education

Watch webinars and engaging video-based training materials discussing the latest insights in oral health.​

Here you will find:​

  • Virtual Training on “Interdental Cleaning To Prevent And Treat Gum Disease”
  • Webinars on other hot topics within oral care practices and requirements



The Connection Between Gum Health and General Health (Perio Link)

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of the relationship between periodontal disease, life events, lifestyle and other conditions. ​

In this section you will find updates and current research on periodontal disease and its relation to:

  • Pregnancy​
  • Nutrition and obesity​
  • Diabetes​
  • Heart Disease​
  • Hypertension​
  • Cancer​