Dental Resources for Oral Care Professionals

This section gives you easy access to a range of materials useful in your daily practice to help you provide personalised patient care and drive compliance for better oral health. Here you can find downloadable GUM assets like:​

  • GUM brand logo and GUM product pictures: to use in your own promotions or on your e-shop
  • Brochures and flyers: to help you educate your patients on best oral care practices 
  • Checklists and Hygienist Guidebook to provide differential oral care advice based on patients’ life stage, oral health status, risk factors & co-morbidities.​

GUM® Brand Assets

Do you want to create your own GUM brand promotions or add GUM brand products to your website/e-shop?

Here you can download: ​

  • GUM brand logo
  • GUM product catalogue pictures in multiple formats​

Dental Patient Education

Make the most of ready-to-use educational content to help your patients adopt the best oral care practices and encourage compliance with oral care recommendations, while focusing on interdental cleaning and its connection with your patient’s holistic health.​

Here you will find:​

  • Posters and brochures on key oral care topics
  • ​Ready-to-use educational material to provide to your patients

Consultation Checklists And Guidebook (For Dental Hygienists)

Access easy-to-use checklists and forms, prepared  by a group of specialists in periodontology, to help you deliver personalised patient care.​

In this section you can find:​

  • Checklists for age-related risk factors 
  • Forms documenting the basics of a patient’s overall and oral health