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Daily Care

What if we could make interdental cleaning really enjoyable for patients?

Our innovative tool offers a refreshing experience to get all patients enthusiastic about cleaning between their teeth every day. It combines all the features of the classic GUM COMFORT FLEX with a fresh cool mint flavour. Thanks to soft rubber bristles and a flexible neck, it helps users gently remove plaque and food debris. Gentle and safe – without latex, wood or metal – this is a great tool for tender gums.

This interdental is also ideal for those with very small interdental spaces, bridges or an orthodontic appliance.


  • Cool mint flavour  
  • Soft rubber bristles slide easily in interdental spaces facilitating gentle food and plaque removal
  • Ergonomic grip handle with flexible neck increases user comfort and control, particularly when cleaning back teeth
  • Tissue friendly and causes significantly fewer gingival abrasions (Hennequin-Hoenderdos 2018), ideal for patients with tender gums
  • Micro-massages gums and stimulates blood flow for optimal gum health
  • Practical travel case

Easy and pleasant to use, opens the door to interdental cleaning

Sunstar GUM - null

A soft burst of cool mint all in a gentle interdental pick 

Sunstar GUM - null

More motivation

Less demanding methods of interdental cleaning increase patient motivation and outcomes (Needleman, 2005; Wilder, 2016)

Sunstar GUM - null

Patient preferred

Patients prefer soft rubber picks because they are easier and more comfortable to use, and cause less pain (Hennequin-Hoenderdos, 2018)

Sunstar GUM - null

Gentle on gum

Our soft rubber pick massages gums and cleans between teeth without abrasion

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