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GUM® PROXABRUSH® CLASSIC Interdental Brush | 10 pieces

There are places a toothbrush alone can’t reach.

Our unique interdental PROXABRUSH has been designed to simplify cleaning between your teeth. Plaque and food particles can easily accumulate in the spaces between teeth, and this can eventually lead to gum disease.

Comfortable and easy to hold, the GUM PROXABRUSH CLASSIC enables you to clean parts of your mouth that a regular toothbrush cannot.

The interdental brush heads can be replaced quickly and easily. We recommend replacing them every week.





  • Interdental brushes with soft, flexible bristles that slide comfortably between teeth to safely remove plaque and food particles
  • Easily replaceable brush heads and patented eez-lok loading handle
  • Antibacterial bristle coating* means each interdental brush stays clean between use
  • Recommended 1 week's use between changing brush heads
  • Comfortable and easy to hold brush cleans part of your mouth a regular toothbrush cannot
* chlorhexidine coated

Recommended usage: The brush is quick and easy to reload. We recommend replacing it weekly. 

*Chlorhexidine coated bristles