GUM® BI-DIRECTION Dual Position Interdental Brushes | 6 pieces

Drive interdental cleaning among patients, including those with with periodontal challenges.

Our dual position interdental brush has a 90-degree bi-directional head that allows for easy access to posterior teeth, while the ergonomic soft rubber handle is easy for patients – even those with dexterity issues – to manoeuvre. The proprietary triangular bristles remove 25% more plaque for deeper interproximal teeth cleaning, and they also have hygienic antibacterial coating. Patients can conveniently use each interdental brush for up to a week.





  • Innovative 2-in-1 design / 1 brush, 2 positions: dual position interdental brushes with 90-degree bi-directional brush head - straight position to clean the front teeth, and bent setting for easier, comfortable access to the back teeth
  • Increased plaque removal: comprehensive tooth cleaning coverage and 25% more plaque removal* thanks to unique triangular bristles
  • Reusable up to one week: antibacterial bristle coating** and protection cap mean each interdental brush can be used for up to a week
  • Gentle and effective: the coated wire and rounded tip make these interdental brushes suitable for all oral hygiene needs, including for implants, bridges or orthodontic appliances
  • Find the size that works for you: the range of 5 sizes (xs, s, m, l, xl) means there’s a brush to suit every mouth and clean between small or large interdental spaces


* compared to standard rounded bristles

** chlorhexidine coated

Now a broader line for a range of morphologies

2 positions at choice, designed to promote compliance through ease of use 

Easy access to posterior teeth

Superior comfort and control

Removes up to 25% more plaque* thanks to proprietary triangular filaments

Helps patients gently and effectively clean where their toothbrush alone can’t

* vs a brush with standard round filaments