What if we could help you drive compliance in interdental cleaning among your periodontally-challenged patients and those with dexterity issues? Our dual position interdental brush is designed to help your patients clean where their toothbrush alone can’t – with ease of use, superior comfort and control. Its dual position head allows for easy access to posterior teeth while its ergonomic soft rubber handle helps patients manoeuvre the brush easily, even with limited dexterity. Our brush delivers a deeper clean in all interproximal areas thanks to its proprietary triangular bristles that remove 25% more plaque* than standard round filaments.

GUM BI-DIRECTION is ideal for all your patients with periodontal challenges. Whether they have gingivitis, sensitive teeth or have undergone an intervention, the gentle coated wire and rounded tip allows them to clean thoroughly without damaging gum tissue or enamel. This brush can also be used by patients with implants, a bridge or an orthodontic appliance.

GUM BI-DIRECTION is available in 5 sizes – ISO 0-4 – for a range of morphologies.





  • Dual position brush with an ergonomic handle for superior comfort and control and easy access to posterior teeth
  • +25% plaque removal* thanks to proprietary triangular bristles
  • Antibacterial bristle coating and protection cap for superior hygiene between uses
  • Gentle coated wire and rounded tip to protect gum tissue and enamel
  • A full range of sizes: ISO 0-4

Now a broader line for a range of morphologies

2 positions at choice, designed to promote compliance through ease of use 

Easy access to posterior teeth

Superior comfort and control

Removes up to 25% more plaque* thanks to proprietary triangular filaments

Helps patients gently and effectively clean where their toothbrush alone can’t

* vs a brush with standard round filaments