Are your patients compliant with flossing?

As experts in interdental cleaning, we have developed a special solution to make it easier for patients to clean between their teeth every day.

Gentle and ergonomic, GUM SOFT-PICKS ORIGINAL make daily care comfortable and easy.

They are ideal for all patients including the ones with bridges, orthodontic appliances, or fragile gums, and come in various sizes to fit different interdental spaces.





  • Soft, flexible rubber bristles slide comfortably between teeth to safely remove plaque and food particles
  • Available in 3 sizes to adapt to smaller and larger interdental spaces
  • Gentle and safe for sensitive gums
  • Gently stimulate and micro-massage gums for a pleasant sensation and optimal gum health
  • Latex, wood, and metal free

GUM SOFT-PICKS are made of two materials: PP (polypropylene) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

Both are food grade and are therefore suitable for regular mouth contact.

To date, no other material than plastic can deliver an effective yet gentle cleaning of the interdental space and ensure both safety and hygiene. We have been working on finding an alternative material, but at present, we have made the decision to not compromise on quality, efficacy and safety so as to deliver the best experience to our users.