GUM® KIDS Toothbrush | for children aged 2-6 | soft bristles

Maintaining milk teeth in good health is essential for the development of permanent teeth and to avoid other oral health problems.

Perfectly adapted to the needs of children aged 2 to 6, GUM KIDS toothbrushes are the ideal tool to help young children learn how to brush their teeth properly, preventing tooth decay and gum disease at this crucial stage of their development.





  • Age-adapted size and cushioned head for more comfort and safety while brushing
  • Soft, dome-trimmed bristles for gentle brushing and plaque removal
  • Toothpaste amount indicator
  • Anti-slip ergonomic handle for a good grip
  • Hygienic cap to keep the brush clean between uses

For optimal results, use with our GUM KIDS toothpaste.

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