GUM® KIDS Toothbrush | For Children Aged 2-6 | Soft Bristles

Encourage parents to help children to develop good oral health habits from an early age. Children can begin practicing brushing alone from age 3. However, to ensure their teeth are properly cleaned, this ritual should be together with a parent until they learn the right technique and gets used to healthy habits.

GUM KIDS toothbrushes are specially designed for children aged from 2 to 6. Help them learn how to brush their teeth properly and prevent tooth decay from appearing at this crucial stage of their development.





  • The perfect toothbrush for kids aged 2-6
  • Small toothbrush head, covered with soft rubber to protect gums while brushing
  • Small non-slip handle in just the right size for little hands
  • Soft dome-shaped bristles for gentle and efficient cleaning of their milk teeth
  • Central colored bristles  show children where to place the toothpaste and ensure they use the correct amount
  • How much toothpaste they should apply on the toothbrush
  • Free-standing design: a handy suction cup on the bottom of the handle lets the brush stand upright to keep bristles clean
  • Protective cap for optimal hygiene while on the go
  • Available in 4 fresh colors

For optimal results, use with our GUM KIDS toothpaste.