GUM® LIGHT-UP Toothbrush | For Children Aged 6+ | Soft Bristles

Encourage parents to help children to develop good oral health habits from an early age. Parents sometimes a struggle to get their child to take toothbrushing seriously.

The playful GUM LIGHT-UP toothbrushes will make this important part of their daily routine fun and easy. The colourful light within the brush flashes for one minute to help kids brush each half of the mouth for the recommended time (one minute for the top, and another for the bottom half of the mouth).
This toothbrush is specially designed to encourage children to brush teeth in an enjoyable way for a recommended 2-minute time.





  • Light timer flashes for 1 minute - children can simply brush their top teeth until the light stops flashing, then repeat for the bottom teeth
  • Soft dome-shaped bristles for a gentle and efficient cleaning of child's teeth
  • Easy-to-grip handle, perfect for a child's hands
  • Free-standing design: a handy suction cup on the bottom of the handle lets the brush stand upright to keep bristles clean
  • Available in 4 colors


It is recommended to use it in combination with our GUM JUNIOR toothpaste for best results

GUM JUNIOR mouthwash completes the child's oral care routine, strengthens enamel and helps prevent cavities