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GUM® TRAV-LER® Interdental Brush | 6 pieces

Help encourage patients to focus on the importance of interdental cleaning, including those with with periodontal challenges.

Based on scientific research, this innovative interdental brush is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and effectiveness. Recommend the use of GUM TRAV-LER at least once a day, preferably after dinner, to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

This versatile brush is compact and easy-to-se. It is also suitable for patients with implants, orthodontic appliances, or bridges.





  • Up to 25% increased plaque removal* thanks to innovative triangular bristle structure
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle with hourglass shape for maximum comfort and control antibacterial** bristle coating and protection cap mean each interdental brush stays clean between use
  • Bendable brush neck can be moved for ease of access to back teeth and the brushes can be reused for up to a week
  • Protective coated wire with a rounded end for comfort and to preserve gums


*compared to standard rounded bristles

**iso 0-6: chlorhexidine coated. iso 7: silver zinc ion coated.

Clinical studies have shown that patients find interdental brushes, like the GUM TRAV-LER, easier to use than floss and are more willing to use them [2]. Compared to floss, they are better able to fill the interdental space and remove more plaque [3]

Designed with proprietary triangular bristles:

  • Remove up to 25% more plaque than a regular nylon filament [4].
  • The ideal interdental for periodontally compromised patients. 

Designed to enhance patient ease of use and comfort:

  1. An ergonomic, non-slip handle of patient-preferred length facilitates manoeuvring.
  2. A bendable neck enables easy access to posterior teeth.
  3. A gentle head reduces the risk of gum trauma and enamel damage. With antibacterial bristle protection for optimal hygiene between uses. 

Now a broader range for every morphology: NEW ISO 7 for wider interdental spaces.  

Leverage our new GUM TRAV-LER sampling box with practical sampling sachets and chairside infographics. 


For the low motivation and low-compliant patient, you may want to introduce them to interdental cleaning with GUM SOFT-PICKS® ADVANCED or our mint-flavoured pick before recommending the GUM TRAV-LER. Studies have demonstrated that our rubber interdental picks are particularly easy to use, making them the ideal tool to drive compliance and adoption of interdental cleaning. To identify the best interdental tools for your patients, download our ‘Oral health ease-of-use ladder.

[1] SUNSTAR, In home-use test USA 2012, data on file.
[2] Christou V, J Periodontol 1998: Imai P, Can J Dent Hygiene 2010.
[3] Johnson T, Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2015.
[4] SUNSTAR, Plaque removal in-vitro study 2012, data on file.

Help your patients identify the right GUM TRAV-LER size by testing different sized brushes in their interdental spaces.

Ask your sales rep for samples or contact us here.

Chlorhexidine (CHX) is released in limited amounts when eluted in water for 24h at 37°C. When used under normal conditions, the GUM TRAV-LER brush releases minimal amounts of CHX that are not associated with staining.