GUM® PowerCARE™ Rechargeable Toothbrush

Do you have patients with tender, receding gums or sensitive teeth? Would you like to improve compliance for those patients who may have a poor brushing technique or dexterity issues?

It may be time to recommend an electric toothbrush. But brushing too vigorously or using a toothbrush with stiff bristles could also subject their gums and teeth to excessive friction.

Gums aren’t the only ones to suffer from abrasive brushing. Enamel can also wear down due to sustained abrasion. Enamel erosion will cause the softer and more sensitive layers of the tooth to become exposed, making teeth more vulnerable to discoloration, dentine hypersensitivity and decay.

All sounds very unpleasant doesn’t it? That’s why we recommend giving your patients the gentle care they deserve!

Designed by the gum health expert, GUM PowerCARE is an exceptionally gentle oscillating toothbrush that combines efficacy and gentle care. It's especially tailored for people with special needs due to oral care health challenges like gingivitis, periodontitis or tooth sensitivity.





  • Proven superior efficacy: GUM PowerCARE cleans deeper and removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Its ultra-slim bristles reach 14% deeper between teeth and 194% along the gum line than a manual toothbrush, to provide intensive plaque control*
  • Extra Gentle care: Its head is made of uniquely designed, extra soft tapered bristles which gently caress gums and teeth
  • 2-minute timer: Pulses every 30 seconds to signal the patient to move to the next quadrant until the recommended brushing time has been reached
  • Pressure sensor: signals when the patient is brushing too hard
  • 2 Brushing modes: Daily and Sensitive to adapt to your patient’s needs
  • Long-lasting battery: 10 days of autonomy with one charge
  • Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle forgood & comfortable grip
  • Compact charger

* Yankell, Spirgel, Shi, Watcharotone, Cwik.  American Journal of Dentistry, Vol 32, No 2, April 2019