GUM® Technique® PRO Toothbrush

Help patients develop a healthy overall approach to oral health.
GUM Technique PRO manual toothbrush allows access to the hard-to-reach places, such as between the teeth and below the gingival margin.
The non-slip ergonomic handle is specifically engineered to guide a patient's hand towards the recommended 45° brushing angle for optimal cleaning and maximum plaque removal.
Scientifically tested to provide superior plaque removal in the most difficult to clean areas in comparison with a regular toothbrush.





  • MULTI-LEVEL MEDIUM SOFTNESS BRISTLES WITH ULTRA-THIN TIPS: Remove plaque efficiently in hard-to-reach places and under the gumline
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The handle features an ergonomic grip designed for toothbrushing at a 45° angle for optimal cleaning
  • ASSORTED TOOTHBRUSHES MULTIPACK: Comes in a multipack of 4 assorted coloured toothbrushes