GUM® Technique® PRO Toothbrush

Our GUM Technique PRO toothbrush has been scientifically proven* to provide better plaque removal than a regular toothbrush, especially in the most difficult-to-access areas, helping retain clean and healthy teeth and gums.

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, this innovative toothbrush is available in four different colors.





  • Tapered bristles for deeper cleaning below and along the gumline and in between the teeth
  • Angled bristles gently massage the teeth in different directions for even better results
  • Our non-slip, Quad-Grip handle featuring four thumb-pads to show how to hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle
  • Available in three different formats, depending on your specific needs
  • Compact head with soft bristles
  • Compact head with medium bristles
  • Full head with medium bristles

* In-Vitro Test, YRC Inc., September 2008