GUM® TWISTED FLOSS | Removes Plaque From Between Teeth And Below Gumline | 30M

Encourage patients to include interdental cleaning in their oral health routine. In combination with brushing, flossing can remove up to 70% of plaque, compared to a toothbrush removing 50%.

GUM TWISTED FLOSS effectively removes plaque from between teeth and under the gumline, where brushes can't reach. Created with a special double twisted string design, it is not only strong, but creates up to 30% more flossing surface. The refreshing minty green tea taste helps encourage compliance by creating a pleasant flossing expereince. 





  • With a uniquely refreshing minty green tea flavour
  • Two twisted strings cover 30% more floss surface*
  • Waxed, for an easy glide
  • Gentle on gums

*compared to single strand

A great choice to get your patients to floss every day. Healthy habits start when they feel good!

A burst of minty green tea every time your patient flosses.

Two twisted strings cover 30% more flossing surface. They help your patient clean deep where plaque tends to hide.