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Daily flossing is extremely important, as brushing alone only removes around half of dental plaque.

When combined with toothbrushing, flossing not only removes up to 70% of plaque, but also helps clean important areas that toothbrushes can’t reach, like between the teeth and under the gumline.





  • Waxed & extra resistant floss facilitates the removal of food residue and plaque from interdental spaces
  • Fluoride and vitamin E coating protects and soothes teeth & gum
  • New ergonomic handle increases user comfort and provides better access to posterior teeth
  • Refreshing mint flavour
  • Ideal for on-the-go flossing, with a practical travel case
  • Available in 30, 50 & 90 count packs

Now even easier to use,
even by patients with dexterity issues

Help patients easily remove plaque and
food residue between teeth

With a refreshing mint flavour
for a more enjoyable flossing experience