GUM® BUTLERWEAVE® Floss | Cleans Between Teeth | 55M

Encourage patients to include interdental cleaning in their oral health routine. In combination with brushing, flossing can remove more plaque , compared to a toothbrush alone.

GUM BUTLERWEAVE Floss effectively removes plaque from between teeth and under the gumline, where brushes can't reach. Created using a special interlacing process, it is strong, smooth, and resistant to shredding. Available in various formats to suit all patients: waxed, mint or unflavoured.





  • Dental floss with unique woven design helps clean where your toothbrush can't
  • Helps remove more plaque than brushing alone
  • Strong and shred-resistant floss for efficient cleaning
  • Available in a variety of formats: waxed, mint or unflavoured
  • Cleans hard-to-reach interdental spaces where plaque can build up