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GUM® SONIC DAILY Battery Toothbrush


Let your patients feel the difference with our award-winning[1] GUM SONIC DAILY battery toothbrush, designed for the superior clean[2] of healthy teeth and gums. Its sonic vibrations move bristles from side to side to remove more plaque. This brush also features a special head with soft, bi-level bristles than thin out at one end, offering 50% more efficacy in cleaning interproximal areas and removing 47x more plaque from subgingival areas versus a manual flat trim toothbrush. Patients are able to effectively brush where they might otherwise find it difficult interproximal and subgingival areas helping to keep their gums and teeth plaque-free. The vibrating head also massages gums.

Not only does this brush offer an extra deep, gentle clean, it also looks great in the bathroom thanks to its sleek, compact and cable-free design. It comes with a toothbrush cap and coloured rings for customisation.


  • Delivers an extra deep, gentle clean for the daily care of healthy teeth and gums
  • Soft, bi-level, single tapered bristles offer 50% more efficacy in reaching interproximal areas and remove 47x more plaque in subgingival spaces
  • Sleek, compact and cable-free
  • Designed with an easily replaceable head for less plastic waste
  • Comes with a toothbrush cap, 1x AAA battery (up to 3 months of use[3])  and 3 coloured rings for customisation

A superior brushing experience

The GUM SONIC DAILY battery toothbrush delivers an extra deep, gentle clean at every use. It allows your patients to effectively clean interproximal and subgingival areas and offers a delightful brushing experience. Light, compact and cable-free, this brush packs the superior care of a sonic brush into a sleek manual format.

GUM Sonic Daily vibrations remove more plaque


move bristles from side to side to help remove more plaque and massage gums.

GUM Sonic Daily with the single tapered bristles clean the areas where the plaque is accumulated


With 50% more efficacy[2] in cleaning interproximal areas where the accumulation of plaque can lead to inflammation.

An EXTRA DEEP, gentle clean

GUM SONIC Daily vibration offers a superior brushing
GUM SONIC Daily is 50% more efficacy in reach between the teeth


deliver a superior brushing experience.


in reach between the teeth[2]

GUM Sonic Daily bi-level and the tapered bristles allow the patients to clean deeper
GUM SONIC Daily is the 4th awards winner


Allow patients to clean deeper.


Winner of 4 consumer awards in France, Italy, Poland and Spain[1]

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[1] Consumer awards won in France (Les Victoires de la Beauté 2018-2019), Italy (Prodotto dell’anno 2019), Poland (Influencer's Top 2019) and Spain (Producto del Año 2020).

[2] vs a manual flat trim toothbrush.

[3] based on a 2-min brushing session twice a day.