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The prevention and management of gum disease is a lifelong commitment and depends on the daily mechanical removal of plaque, through toothbrushing and interdental cleaning[1]. The evidence shows that gum disease can only be managed with good compliance[2].


The key is to recommend tools that patients will be willing to adopt and use. While flossing might be a long-established and well-known interdental cleaning method, flossing effectively is difficult[3]. Studies have demonstrated that easier-to-use interdental brushes and rubber tip micro-brushes are associated with greater compliance, efficacy and outcomes compared with floss[4] - [7].

They help patients gently and effectively clean where their toothbrush alone can’t, thus driving compliance. 



The Interdentals help patients gently and effectively clean where their toothbrush alone can’t
GUM® Soft-Picks® Advanced and GUM® Soft-Picks® Comfort Flex Mint
GUM® Trav-ler® Interdental brush is designed to better fill all interdental spaces
GUM® Bi-Direction 90 degrees with 1 brush and 2 positions


  • The patient-preferred interdental micro-brush. Particularly easy to use and causes fewer gum abrasions (vs floss)[8].
  • Designed to stimulate gingival blood flow and remove food debris & interdental plaque[9].
  • For the periodontally healthy and for all patients on the GO. Also ideal as a first interdental for the low-compliant patient.
  • Range of sizes: S, M, L


  • The easy-to-use interdental brush for periodontally compromised patients.
  • Designed to better fill all interdental spaces. 
  • Removes up to 25% more plaque than regular brushes, thanks to proprietary triangular bristles.
  • For patient comfort and control, with a gentle mouth feel.
  • Range of sizes: ISO 0-7 (11 sizes, find the perfect fit tailored to your patient).


  • The easy-to-use interdental brush that offers two positions at choice for easy access to posterior teeth.
  • Removes up to 25% more plaque* than ordinary bristles thanks to proprietary triangular bristles.
  • Ideal for your periodontally challenged patients, those wearing implants and bridges and those with dexterity issues. 
  • Range of sizes: ISO 0-4
Table illustrated to help patients adopt interdental cleaning

Leverage ease of use to help patients adopt interdental cleaning

GUM has developed a simple recommendation that allows oral care professionals to consider their patient’s periodontal health status (healthy or not) and then match it with their patient’s behaviour and motivation to propose a solution that has a good patient fit and is more likely to be adopted. We call it the «Oral health ease-of-use ladder».



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