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Oct 17, 2018
Sunstar GUM BeNeLux team receiving and celebrating the Dentex Innovation Award 2018 for GUM ActiVital Sonic toothbrush

GUM® ActiVital® Sonic toothbrush wins the Dentex Innovation Award

On 4, 5 and 6 October, the Dentex dental trade fair was held in Brussels. This event is organized every two years. Out of twenty-three submissions, ten nominees were nominated by a jury composed of oral care experts.  We are happy to announce that GUM® ActiVital® Sonic Toothbrush was chosen as the innovation of the year by more than 6,500 dental professionals visiting the exhibition!

Effective brushing is important for a healthy mouth. Electric brushing is recommended by many dentists and dental hygienists. As Mr. Walter Lorjé, Director of Sunstar Benelux explains: "GUM wants to make effective electric cleaning affordable for everyone. We have developed a sonic battery toothbrush, which is effective and available to the consumer at a fraction of the cost of most electric toothbrushes"  

At Sunstar we think that many consumers are often put off by the high price of most electric toothbrushes as well as by the hassle of chargers, cords, too many buttons or functionnalities, etc. "With the GUM® ActiVital® Sonic Toothbrush we want to offer an easy-to-use alternative that is within reach," says  Mr. Lorjé. We want to provide consumers who still use a manual toothbrush with the the possibility to upgrade their cleaning solution without being forced to make a hefty investment.

Clinical research

Clinical research by the American Dental Association shows that  ultra tapered bristles are 50% more effective in reaching the interdental spaces and remove 47x more dental plaque under the gumline than manual toothbrushes*.

Detail of the tip of the GUM ActiVital Sonic Toothbrush
Buttons as they appear on a GUM ActiVital Sonic Power Toothbrush
Detail of the bottom of GUM ActiVital Sonic tootbrush

Product Highlights

  • The toothbrush vibrates 12,000 times per minute, but makes soft, short movements. The teeth are cleaned in this way while the gums are stimulated.
  • The toothbrush operates on 1 AAA battery. No cord is needed so that it can be used on the road or on holiday in addition to home use. (For example, as a second toothbrush next to the toothbrush at home in the bathroom.)
  • Both the battery and the brush head are replaceable. This encourages the re-use of the device, where most other battery toothbrushes are only disposable.

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In-Vitro Testing - Yankell University, June 2017
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