GUM® RED-COTE® Tablets

As plaque is not always clearly visible, it can be difficult for patients to know which parts of the teeth need extra brushing or flossing.

GUM RED-COTE Tablets Plaque Disclosing Tablets offers a simple solution, by highlighting bacterial plaque on tooth surfaces.

Usage instructions: Brush teeth, rinse mouth with water, then chew the tablet for 30 seconds without swallowing. The tablet will turn plaque red, making it easy to see which parts of the teeth need extra cleaning.





  • Perfect for ensuring no areas of dental plaque build-up are neglected
  • Pleasant cherry flavor
  • Non-toxic
  • The coloration induced by the product is temporary, teeth won’t be stained

Recommend thorough brushing for 2 minutes after use of GUM RED-COTE tables to remove discolouration.
Discolouration may persist in hard-to-reach areas for a short period of time. 

GUM RED-COTE Tablets are composed of food ingredients and are therefore unlikely to pose any risk if ingested.
However, GUM RED-COTE Tablets were not developed for edible use.

Recommend GUM RED-COTE Tablets starting at 6 years of age.
GUM RED-COTE Tablets are not recommended for younger children as they may be unable to follow ingestion instructions. 

The food-grade red dyes in GUM RED-COTE Tablets colour the bacterial cells that form plaque.

The red dye accumulates in the plaque giving it the desired colouration to help your patients identify which areas of the mouth to focus on when brushing.

The ingredients in GUM RED-COTE Tablets that colour plaque and help identify it are: D&C red #28 (CI 45410) & FD&C blue #1 (CI 42090).

The dye can be easily removed with brushing.