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FEEL the difference


Experience a new level of ULTRA GENTLE, extra deep clean

Over and over, consumers have told us our SONIC brushes provide a great brushing experience. That’s because they clean extra deep and are genuinely gentle. We are now proud to bring a new addition to our SONIC family – New GUM® SONIC SENSITIVE. This special brush combines superior brushing and unexpected great value to encourage more people to upgrade from manual to sonic. Now available in new consumer-preferred packaging, our new SONIC brushes create greater impact at the shelf. Join us and offer a superior brushing experience. 


New GUM SONIC SENSITIVE battery toothbrush Designed for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

  • For an ULTRA GENTLE, extra deep clean
  • Removes plaque 88% deeper[1] in hard-to-reach areas
  • POWER of SONIC vibrations

GUM SONIC DAILY battery toothbrushDesigned for Superior Clean for Healthy Teeth and Gums 

  • For an EXTRA DEEP, gentle clean with POWER of SONIC vibrations
  • 50% more efficacy in reaching interproximal spaces and removes 47x more plaque in subgingival areas[2] Replaces 
  • GUM ActiVital® Sonic, now available in new packaging

Why Sonic?

Unless consumers are tremendous brushers, a sonic toothbrush helps them take better care of their teeth and gums than a manual one. That’s because it does most of the hard work for them!



Sonic vibrations move bristles from side to side and gently dislodge more plaque.

What’s special about our heads? 

The heads of our SONIC toothbrushes are made with special bi-level, tapered bristles than thin out at one or both ends. This allows them to reach and clean hard-to reach areas. Our SONIC brushes bring consumers the gentle extra efficacy they want!

Tapered bristles have extra thin tips to gently and effectively reach below the gum line and between teeth. The NEW GUM SONIC SENSITIVE has ULTRA SOFT, bi-level, double tapered bristles for the ultra gentle care of sensitive teeth and gums. The GUM SONIC DAILY has SOFT, bi-level, single tapered bristles ideal for the daily care of healthy gums and teeth. 

Why has our first sonic brush won 4 awards?

Our GUM SONIC DAILY brush (previously GUM ActiVital Sonic) leaves consumers feeling extra fresh and clean – they feel the difference – it's effective and gentle. Consumers tell us it's a pleasure to brush with – it's light and compact. It also sits beautifully on their bathroom sink thanks to a sleek design, with no cable. No wonder it is the winner of 4 consumers awards in France, Italy, Poland and Spain.[3]

[1] vs a sensitive manual flat trim toothbrush     

[2] vs a manual flat trim toothbrush

[3] Consumer awards won in France (Les Victoires de la Beauté 2018-2019), Italy (Prodotto dell’anno 2019), Poland (Influencer's Top 2019) and Spain (Producto del Año 2020).

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