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Organic Care

Are you hesitant about recommending organic oral care products because these might offer less in terms of efficacy?

We believe that oral care products should, first and foremost, protect and strengthen teeth and gums. With this in mind, we formulated GUM® BIO Toothpaste with purposefully-selected natural and organic ingredients, but also fluoride, to ensure your patients or customers don’t have to choose between extra gentle organic care and efficacy.

Sunstar GUM - Solution - Organic Care
GUM BIO Toothpaste proven efficacy

As the only active ingredient proven to effectively fight and prevent cavities, fluoride was an obvious choice for GUM. We are proud to offer your patients or customers an organic toothpaste which is in line with the recommendations of the EFP and dental experts. The efficacy of our toothpaste in caring for gums and teeth was demonstrated using the same criteria and methods as for our standard products. 

GUM BIO Toothpaste, Sonic Toothbrush and SOFT-PICKS in bathroom

The GUM BIO Toothpaste contains 99% natural ingredients, all purposefully selected and combined to deliver extra gentle organic care for gums and teeth. Indeed, almost all synthetic ingredients have been replaced with natural alternatives and, in the spirit of the GUM brand, our organic toothpaste contains no harsh ingredients. We selected organic peppermint for a naturally fresh brushing experience, as well as organic aloe vera.  

GUM BIO Toothpaste made of 80% recycled paper

In the same way our organic toothpaste is aligned with EFP recommendations, it also meets the requirements for organic certification. The GUM BIO Toothpaste is certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife and Cosmebio. By setting stringent criteria (regarding formulation, ingredient sourcing, production, packaging etc.), these certifications guarantee the organic integrity of a product and ensure it is also respectful of the environment. The GUM BIO Toothpaste is packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard box made of 80% recycled paper. It is also certified vegan.