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Scientific Literature: White Papers, Publications and Guidelines

Stay up to date with the latest developments in the fields of oral health and oral care, with a focus on interdental cleaning and the link between oral and systemic health. Benefit from white papers, literature summaries and a selection of peer-reviewed clinical publications and treatment guidelines.

White papers and clinical summary tables

GUM White Paper on bi-directional link between diabetes and gum health

Diabetes, gum health and periodontal disease: state of the evidence on the bidirectional link

Download the white paper

GUM White Paper on Interdental Cleaning to treat and prevent gum disease

Interdental cleaning to prevent and treat gum disease: state of the evidence

Download the white paper

GUM RCTS Studies Oral Hygiene

A brief guide to oral hygiene randomized controlled studies (RCTS)

Download the summary tables


Selected peer-reviewed publications

Treatment guidelines