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Our targeted product solutions address a wide spectrum of gum-related conditions.



Need more facts about the links between periodontal diseases and general health? 

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Latest News & Events

SUNSTAR Conversations Pro webinar: tips for caregivers
Join our special session with our experts, Dr. Larisa Musić and Prof. dr. Falk Schwendicke in this new chapter of SUNSTAR Conversations Pro on 'Tips for caregivers: how to support the best possible oral care?on the 7th of October. 
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SUNSTAR Conversations PRO Webinar about Oral Frailty in Aging Population - 2nd September
Join our experts, Prof. dr. Martin Schimmel and Prof. dr. Georgios Tsakos in this new chapter of SUNSTAR Conversations Pro on 'Oral frailty in aging population : the importance to retain your own teeth' on the 2nd of September.
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Probiotic health and gums
Periodontal diseases arise due to a mismatch between existing pathogenic bacteria and desirable beneficial germs. The susceptibility of the host also plays a significant role, which is influenced by various circumstances or diseases.
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Cell-to-cell communication
Periodontal diseases have been identified as some of the most common infections in people around the world. Also, discoveries in periodontology and bacteriology have revealed critical links between oral health and general health.
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