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Oct 11, 2018
Loek Blokker (Director BDU) and G. Tamer Holding team at the Distributors Meeting 2018 in Athens

Sunstar GUM® has its own dedicated Cedar tree in Lebanon

On the occasion of its 110th anniversary, celebrated this year, GUM® products distributor in Lebanon - G. Tamer Holding - planted, on behalf of Sunstar GUM®, a Lebanese Cedar tree, on the high and beautiful Lebanese mountains. 

This, to celebrate the 38-year old valuable partnership between our two companies, involving Sunstar by the same occasion in the Jouzour Loubnan ecological initiative, whose main goal is to plant Cedar trees in arid regions of Lebanon in order to restore degraded high mountain ecosystems. Furthermore, they empower local communities to protect the nature and promote the environmental awareness of natural resources amongst younger generations.

The Cedar of Lebanon is a national emblem on Lebanon and a symbol of longevity, strength, nobility and growth. For the Lebanese people, it is a symbol of hope, freedom and independence.

We would like to sincerely thank our Lebanese partner for such a generous gift and are very proud to become a part of this initiative, which is totally in line with Sunstar values.   

If passing by Lebanon, you can visit the Sunstar GUM® cedar tree following the GPS coordinates mentioned on the bottom of the official Reforestation Certificate we received from our Lebanese partner.