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GUM® SOFT-PICKS® COMFORT FLEX MINT Interdental Cleaners | 40 pieces

What if we could make interdental cleaning really enjoyable for patients? Our innovative

GUM SOFT-PICKS COMFORT FLEX MINT micro-brush offers a refreshing experience to get all your patients enthusiastic about daily interdental cleaning and help you drive compliance. With soft rubber bristles and a flexible neck, this brush helps patients gently and effectively clean where their toothbrush alone can’t, removing interdental plaque and food debris. Designed to be gentle – without latex, wood or metal – it causes significantly fewer gingival abrasions [1] than other interdentals and also stimulates gingival blood flow.

This micro-brush makes an ideal everyday solution for your periodontally-healthy patients and is a great tool to get your low compliant, periodontally-compromised patients started off with interdental cleaning. It is also ideal for those with very small interdental spaces, bridges or an orthodontic appliance and for use on the go.





  • Interdental cleaners with cool mint flavour leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean
  • Soft, flexible rubber bristles that slide comfortably between teeth to safely remove plaque and food particles
  • The wide grip with flexible neck give extra comfort and control, particularly when cleaning back teeth
  • Gently stimulates and micro-massages gums for a pleasant sensation and optimal gum health
  • Includes a practical travel case

Easy and pleasant to use, opens the door to interdental cleaning

A soft burst of cool mint in a gentle, rubber interdental micro-brush

More motivation

Less demanding methods of interdental cleaning increase patient motivation and outcomes[2].

Patient preferred

Patients prefer soft rubber picks because they are easier and more comfortable to use, and cause less pain[1].

Gentle on gums

This soft, rubber micro-brush massages gums and cleans inter proximal areas with less abrasion than other interdentals[1].


[1] Hennequin-Hoenderdos, 2018

[2] Needleman, 2005; Wilder, 2016

GUM SOFT-PICKS are made of two materials: PP (polypropylene) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

Both are food grade and are therefore suitable for regular mouth contact.

To date, no other material than plastic can deliver an effective yet gentle cleaning of the interdental space and ensure both safety and hygiene. We have been working on finding an alternative material, but at present, we have made the decision to not compromise on quality, efficacy and safety so as to deliver the best experience to our users.